Vorst in de Bourgogne

Onderstaand bericht ontvingen wij van Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, dit ter informatie.

You have certainly heard that Burgundy was severely hit by frost last week, on April 26 and 27.

So far, it is not possible to estimate the impact this will have on the crop. We have to wait until the vineyards start growing again. The result of the cold may have created an early “coulure”, even on vines that seem intact at present.

Here is however what we could observe:

– almost 100% of the Montrachet and Batard-Montrachet vines were affected.
– there was about the same damage in Echezeaux and Grands-Echezeaux
– in Richebourg, the Veroilles part, that represents 1/3 of our Richebourg vineyards, was seriously hit; much less damage in the rest of the Richebourg.
– the North part of Romanée-St-Vivant was significantly hit. The South part is almost undamaged.
– the Romanée-Conti was slightly touched in its lower part.
– very small damage in La Tâche
– no damage at all in Corton.

To sum up, this year’s crop will be very reduced whatever the weather will be, even if we don’t know how the vineyards will react after this long cold period.

We are now going to take care of our vineyards that were touched by one of the worst frost that we have experienced for a long time and make all efforts to preserve their fruit. The severe loss of quantity may be balanced by a gain in quality.

This will be again a year full of challenges!

A. de Villaine/H.-F. Roch
Domaine de la Romanée-Conti


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