The Underdog – Cascina Fontana

Cascina Fontana has been producing excellent wines for the past six generations. It is thanks to the insights and experience handed down from father to son that today Mario Fontana continues to produce excellent wines. We are in Contrada Falletto, in Barolo, with vineyards on several municipalities and various exhibitions, of Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo, including some from Barolo. The wines all have the austere, elegant and sincere character of the Langa and are the result of immediate choices, made day by day during the seasons. The plants must be followed on regular bases to have an excellent raw material, able to give life to fine wines. The hand of man is not prevalent on nature but accompanies it and directs its forces. For this reason, for example, wines are not filtered and clarified but simply decanted outdoors in the cold months. The harvest takes into account the different ripening points and starts from the end of September to October for the later Nebbiolo.

Video Cascina Fontana